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Front Office

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Client Relationships
  • Advanced Skill Matching
  • Easy Time Entry

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Back Office with Payroll

  • Complete Payroll System
  • Payroll Tax Complaince
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Fast Client Invoicing

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Front Office Staffing Software

We believe simple is better in staffing software. Nowhere is that more evident than in our front office module.

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Easy Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

We’ve put everything you need to quickly evaluate an applicant on one screen and provided instant links to secondary information such as the applicant’s work history before they applied with you including resumes and notes. Our system automatically updates the applicant’s ‘Key Date’ every time a key event occurs – a call in, work status change, declining a work offer and similar benchmarks. You can tell at a glance just how active this applicant has been. Skills are displayed and edited right on the applicant screen. Previous assignments are automatically updated.

Client and Employee Information Tracking

Each customer can have any number of billing profiles – each with its own pay and bill rates, workers comp, and contact lists. Invoicing is based on these billing designations, so if your client wants one invoice, the staffer simply sets up one billing profile. A client fact sheet containing directions, drug and dress policies etc. can be printed out for new employees and interview candidates.

Quick Staffing Notes Entry

Making notes is a snap since we provide a wide range of click-and-post notes to eliminate the need for a lot of typing. All major events in an applicant’s relationship (starts, end dates and rate changes) generate automatic notes. Any negative notes (like declining a work offer or a DoNotSendBack) are automatically pulled together into a UIC Hearing Report. Note pads for manual notes are accessible from all the major screens.

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Job Orders, Skill Matching, Employee Performance Tracking

The job order makes maximum use of drop down boxes and other quick entry utilities so work requests can be set up quickly and accurately. Open orders are displayed on an ‘order board’ on the main menu until they are filled. The database is automatically searched for skill matches right on the job order. Automatic checks for I-9 and W-4 dates, license expiration, 'do not send back' notices and the like are made at the point of assignment and the staffer given an alert if violations are found. The assignment can still be made but the alert is posted to a follow up report for the staffer.

Coordinator Activity

When a user logs onto their computer, a code is established and their ID is automatically imprinted on all their notes, assignments, interviews, job offers and other key activity. Each staffer’s daily activity can be viewed or printed out between any two dates management chooses.

TFG Front Office Report Package

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Current Employee Assignments
Job Order History by Client
Placements and Terminations By Client
Coordinator Activity
Employee Birthday Report
Client Directions
Availability List
UIC Hearing Profile
Application Summary
Notes By Applicant
Notes By Client

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Back Office Software with Payroll and Management Reporting

There are two main advantages our back office software has over most of our competitors.

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Complete Back Office Managment Solution

First it is fully integrated with our front office software. Assignments don't have to be re-entered, hours and charges can be entered in the branch and automatically displayed in the back office. No clumsy batching, transfers from unrelated front office software to an equally stand-alone back office. The front and back are all part of the same relational database.

Secondly, the one time entry of hours allows both payroll gross and billing information to be calculated in one step. One hours entry does it all. Payroll Solutions... From that one hours entry (whether the client wants it to occur in the branch or back office) checks are cut out of powerful payroll system that handles a full array of deductions (401K, cafeteria plans, local taxes, multiple child support garnishments, one-time drug and background screens, equipment, lunches, transportation etc etc).

Check details can be transferred electronically to each branch and printed there on blank check stock to eliminate the need to keep pre-printed checks in the branches.

We provide a wide range of payroll reports including (but not limited to): check registers, adjustment registers, void check registers, withholding registers, individual wage statements, SUTA and FUTA reports, 941 filings, certified payroll reports and, of course, the ever popular W-2 and magnetic media.

Full Back Office Payroll

Bank reconciliations are done on a special screen. Billing Solutions… From that one hours entry invoices are prepared for edit and then printed. Invoices can be printed even before checks are cut (very important to anybody who finances their accounts receivable). Special invoices can be custom tailored to big clients. Reports include the invoice and register and credit memos. A collection module keeps everyone's attention on this critical area.

Invoices automatically flow into the accounts receivable module with customized payment entry. This module produces aged accounts receivable reports, cash receipts registers, adjustment registers, monthly statements, automatic collection letters and other related reports.

Comprehensive Management Reporting

The system also provides profitability analysis by job order and client, workers comp set aside reports, month-to-month change reports and whatever other operating indicators the client wants. If the data is there, we can give you the report you need. Besides, since our clients own the software and have (highly restricted) access to the tables, they can build their own reports using either Crystal Reports or the report builder included in Microsoft Access….complete with charts and graphs if the client wants them.

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