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(PEO) Professional Employer Organization Software

  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Direct Deposits
  • Vacation, Exemptions and Sick Pay
  • Employee Time Entry

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  • Client Tracking
  • Job and Expense Tracking
  • Easy Client Invoicing
  • Scalable and Compliant

Employee Leasing File Tracking

Employee set up is quick and easy in our PEO application…no complicated job orders or rate files to create.

In addition to the obvious address and tax status info, the employee file allows quick set up Direct Deposits, Special Exemptions, Vacation and Sick Pay accruals. Recurring Deductions – We group recurring deductions into four principal categories for ease of G/L posting and reporting:

    • Class 1 Flex refers to cafeteria and other pre-tax deductions (other than 401K).
    • Class 2 Non-Flex refers to after tax deductions.
    • Class 3 WHO includes withholding orders for child support, garnishment, tax levies
    • Class 4 is used for 401K deductions, loan repayments etc

Each recurring deduction can be set up for either a flat amount or percentage, up to a per check maximum percentage or minimum wage requirements. A lifetime max can be established. Multiple local income and occupational taxes are linked to the employee automatically based on where the work is performed.

PEO - The Client File

Each customer is assigned one of five billing types. The most common is a basic cost + %, but there are also combinations of cost plus direct mandated benefits, administration fees, per check charges,

Time Entry for Leased Employees

The time entry screen prompts the user for the payroll period ending date, client name and department. The system then pulls all employees actively assigned to that client/department, along with pay rates, billing information and applicable workers comp codes.

There are 23 standard pay types built in. They include normal wage/hour, bonus, vacation, sick, jury, previous period adjustment, special (non-taxed) payments and others. We think we have covered all the bases, but additional pay methods can be added as needed. One time (non-recurring) deductions and reimbursements (drug screens, mileage reimbursements for example) can be added right on the timesheet without having to update the employee’s file.

The system handles cash, credit card and allocated tips. Any week’s pay can be distributed among multiple workers comp and occupational tax codes at the timesheet entry level. One timesheet entry calculates both payroll and billing.

Checks can be designed to fit existing stock or in any format, including from blank paper where we print optical scanning codes and signatures. Checks can be printed individually or in batches. Direct deposit confirmations are printed in a separate run.

Employee Leasing Invoicing

Invoice registers can be printed by date, invoice number range, customer or office. Invoicing is fed automatically into an accounts receivable and cash application module featuring aged A/R’s, statements, cash and adjustment registers, collection letters and other valuable features. Employer co-pays ($ or %) can be noted and the employer contributions automatically added to the invoice. Invoicing can be processed by customer or in batch runs. Invoice reprints and credit memoranda are quick and easy. Cash application allows for a one click clearing of full payments and quick posting of partial payments, adjustments and write offs.

PEO Software Related Features

We can create and export ACH positive pay files and direct deposit instructions and import your bank’s cleared check data electronically and produce automated bank recs. Our standard report package includes, but is not limited to Check Registers, 941 Worksheet, Other Taxes Withheld, Deductions Register, 401K Deduction and Match, Employee Wage Statement, Cafeteria Plan Disbursements, Workers Comp Reports, FUTA, SUTA, Invoice Register, Accounts Receivable (Detail and Summary), Cash Receipts Register, A/R Adjustment Registers, Margin Analysis, W-2s, 1099s and magnetic media files for SSA as well as applicable state reporting requirements.