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Daily Pay Staffing Software for Day Labor

  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Quick Check Cuts
  • Accurate Paryoll Processing
  • Quick Job Orders

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  • Deductions and Exemptions
  • Garnishments
  • Invoicing and Accounting
  • Scalable and Day Labor Compliant

Daily Pay Software Solutions

Everybody expects Labor Ready, Manpower and the other big boys in daily pay to have state-of- the-art daily pay software. (Some do and some don't, by the way). Now small and medium sized daily pay operations can have software that provides them with everything the majors have… at prices they can afford. Our Daily Pay Solution is Windows based, adaptable to 1 branch or 100…and it is specifically designed for the daily pay operating environment. It is not another warmed-over weekly pay software package being sold as a daily pay application. The whole system is designed for quick entry… of new employees, accounts, job sites, hours and charges and reimbursements.

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Daily Pay Quick Job Orders

In the morning, you can dispatch through the system and send out a pre-printed ticket (complete with directions and equipment required) or you can dispatch manually and enter the tickets after the hall is clear in the morning. If you dispatch through the system, the software can automatically check for such things as do not send backs, information needed to complete employee files and credit limit status on accounts BEFORE the dispatch is finalized.

Daily Payroll Processing

In the afternoon, the employee returns with the signed ticket. The number is entered into the system and that ticket is pulled up. (You can put 1 to 10 employees on the same ticket.) The deductions are checked, the hours entered and the check cut…in seconds. If a job is to be repeated the next day, it is marked when the employee is paid and a ticket is automatically set up for tomorrow (without actual employees being dispatched on it… dispatch occurs only after we are sure an employee has shown up the next morning).

Garnishments, Overtime Deductions and Billing

Day labor deductions and garnishments can be challenging. The Fackler Groups's Daily Pay software makes garnishments for child support (even multiple items) easy and automatically calculated. Overtime is automatically figured and allocated as to billable and non-billable. Charges from the morning can be adjusted in the afternoon. Various hours reports provide job profitability and work records. Weekly pay personnel can be paid through the same hours entry screen, or a separate weekly pay entry screen can be provided for confidentiality reasons. This hours entry produces the invoice. Clients are usually billed on Monday for activity through the previous Sunday, but we can customize to suit each client. Once billed, invoices flow onto a screen to apply customer payments, and reports including aged accounts receivable, pasty due lists, monthly statements and collection letters can be produced. We'd like to show you. We think you'll like our Windows based daily pay software and our prices.

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