Software for Staffing Companies

The Fackler Group has produced the most efficient staffing software for contingent staffing agencies for more than fifteen years. Our product represents more than a decade of in-the-field research about best practices and finding the most efficient ways of doing things. What that really means to the staffing provider is a real return on investment in both time and money. Our software is fast and efficient because we understand how the staffing business workflow works. We work in the field with real staffing business owners everyday; we hear their concerns, their gripes and also the things they like and we try to incorporate the best staffing business best practices right into our software. But don't worry, we're not married to one way of doing things; we are always learning and growing and welcome a discussion about understanding your company's unique workflow. The Fackler Group's Staffing Software suite is comprised of specific industry editions including Weekly Pay, Daily Pay, Medical and PEO or professional employer organization editions. Would you like to see it in action? Schedule an over-the-web demonstration now.